Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Our Oil & Gas customers often require highly specified equipment, such as ATEX rated systems, which Flowtech offer as an option on all blasting systems and equipment. Whether the application is on or offshore, Flowtech provides a solution.

Onshore applications typically involve blast cleaning welded structures which then go into rough conditions at sea, coatings used in this application require perfect adhesion, and therefore it is most important to ensure the correct surface profile is achieved prior to coating exposed surfaces. Our range of Industrial Blast pots and blast rooms are widely used in this industry and provide an excellent balance of performance & reliability, to ensure our customers stay ahead of the game.

Off-shore applications are normally carried out by a selection of approved contractors. Flowtech International has worked within the industry for over a decade in the modern era to develop safe working schemes and appropriate equipment to meet the demands of our customers. Our range of blasting systems are readily portable and engineered specially for harsh applications such as offshore work, with optional wet/vapour/dry blasting as standard!

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