Model-B Wet/Dry Dual Induction Blasting System

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Model B – Wet/Dry Dual Induction Abrasive Blasting System

Flowtech Model-B Dual Induction – Abrasive Blasting System, complete with 10M Blast Hose & Flowtech Silicon Nitride #10 (10mm) Long Life blast nozzle.

The Model-B features wet or dry blasting as standard, load the abrasive into the hopper and begin blasting right away! no need to stop blasting to refill the hopper, as the pot is unpressurized, a first of it’s type and only dual induction machine in the world. With adjustable pressure regulation from 15-100psi, you can clean virtually all surfaces!

For wet blasting, simply connect mains water supply to the machine, with built in water injection control for wither wet blasting or mist (vapour) blasting.

Unit fully crated for international shipping.

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