Building Restoration

Building Restoration

Building faced/Stone Cleaning is a specialist process which requires years of expertise to master requiring an in-depth knowledge of materials used to clean, material substrates, different stone types and abrasives, we supply high quality, & reliable abrasive blasting equipment to blast cleaning contractors, for cleaning of some of the most exquisite buildings in the UK and across the globe.

Flowtech International is now the preferred choice by leading architects for building façade cleaning due to our new patent pending non-pressurised, blast cleaning technology, abrasive blasting reengineered to blast clean delicate stonework without damaging it.

our popular Model-B2 system has paved the way forward for blasting cleaning stonework. This unit is designed specifically for this market. Operating from as low as 5psi to full running pressure of 100psi, the machine is capable of very delicate finishes or aggressive industrial cleaning applications. The machine also has built in wet blasting for dust free and gentler blast cleaning, allowing a regulated flow of water to enshroud the blasting media vapour slurry.

Our portable Model-B2 vapour/dry abrasive blasting system is the ideal machine for all types of stone cleaning.

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