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Flowtech ® Model-V

Industry leading abrasive blasting equipment, Made in UK.

Flowtech International have just launched the all new Model-V, selectable vapour/dry dual induction abrasive blasting system. The worlds first, single hose, non-pressurized hopper abrasive blasting system. Made in UK

Advantages of Flowtech Dual Induction technology over welded pressure blast pots:

  • Fill/empty hopper of abrasive anytime, even during use.
  • Lightweight – typically half the weight of a comparable sized welded pressure pot, easy to transport and ideal for mobile blasting applications.
  • Simplicity in design – ultra reliable. Easy to maintain and virtually maintenance free
  • Solid S/S N/C pinch valve ensures no abrasive surges saving money on jobs, maximum control of abrasive flow.
  • Only 1 wear item
  • No pressure vessel regulations
  • 24/7 productivity and zero downtime!
  • Light weight, single blast hose & no extra remote lines used
  • 30% reduction in air use compared to welded pressure blast pots

Global Patent Pending

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Flowtech abrasive blasting equipment is used in:

Endless Applications


Flowtech abrasive blasting systems are suitable for a wide range of applications, from ultra-delicate paint removal to heavy stripping of powder coatings and years of grime.


Flowtech Blasting systems are widely used in many industrial applications, from automotive production blast cleaning to classis car restoration, in automated production lines.

Defence & Military

Flowtech abrasive blasting systems are widely used in defence & military applications, for blast cleaning delicate structures such as airframes, aviation/mechanical parts and structures.

Oil & Gas

Our Oil & Gas customers often require highly specified equipment, such as ATEX rated systems, which Flowtech offer as an option on all blasting systems and equipment.

Building Restoration

Flowtech International is now the preferred choice by leading architects for building façade cleaning due to our new patent pending non-pressurised, blast cleaning technology.


Our T-Series blasting systems were designed specifically for industrial applications and in particular oil & gas/marine applications, where heavy-duty blast cleaning is required.

Mining & Civil Works

Flowtech International has years of experience in design and installations of Industrial & Standard products tailored for this industry. From full floor recovery blast rooms/spray booths to portable blasting equipment for outdoor blasting applications.

Rail & Road

Our range of portable abrasive blasting equipment is specifically used for bridge and site refurbishment projects. Flowtech Internationals range of portable blasting machines are reliable and easy to use, and use all types of blasting abrasives.


From small factory/production work to large foundry/forge cleaning requirements, with a highly experience engineering team and wide range of standard equipment, we are fully equipped to design the perfect solution for your blasting cleaning obstacles!